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C 117 051 A

Joseph Haydn
Scottish & Welsh Songs

Orfeo • 1 CD • 75min

Order No.: C 117 051 A


J. Haydn: The dimpled cheek Hob. XXXIb:10
J. Haydn: I've no sheep on the mountain Hob. XXXIb:36
J. Haydn: Bonny wee thing Hob. XXXIa:102b
J. Haydn: Saw ye my father? Hob. XXXIa:5ter
J. Haydn: The Britons Hob. XXXIb:51
J. Haydn: The bonny grey-ey'd morn Hob. XXXIa:101b
J. Haydn: Partita (Concerto) E flat major Hob. XV:36 for Piano, Violin and Violoncello
J. Haydn: Original Canzonettas Hob. XXVIa:31-36
J. Haydn: Divertimento (Capriccio) major Hob. XV:35 for Piano, Violin and Violoncello (Piano Trio)
J. Haydn: Hunting the hare Hob. XXXIb:33
J. Haydn: The blossom of the horns Hob. XXXIb:35
J. Haydn: Adieu to my juvenile days Hob. XXXIb:40
J. Haydn: The ministrelsy of Chirk Castle Hob. XXXIb:27
J. Haydn: William and Margaret Hob. XXXIa:153
J. Haydn: My love she's but a lassie yet Hob. XXXIa:194


James Taylor (Tenor)
Münchner Klaviertrio (Klaviertrio)

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