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MP 1805

Meister der Mozart-Zeit

Orfeo • 2 CD • 0min

Order No.: MP 1805


A. Rosetti: Symphony D major (La Chasse)
F. Benda: FlötenConcerto e minor
L. Kozeluch: Cassation E flat major
J.B. Vanhal: Symphony D major Bryan D4
F.A. Hoffmeister: Grande Symphony op. 14 (La Chasse)
P.É. Solère: Concerto B flat major (Concerto Espagnol)
A. Salieri: La grotta di Trofonio
J.M. Kraus: Symphony c minor VB 148


Dieter Klöcker (Klarinette)
András Adorján (Flöte)
Stuttgarter Kammerorchester (Orchester)
Martin Sieghart (Dirigent)
Kammerorchester der Wiener Volksoper (Orchester)
Christoph Campestrini (Dirigent)
Prager Kammerorchester (Orchester)
Václav Neumann (Dirigent)

Masters of the Mozart Era

There are composers whose oeuvres shine so radiantly that other stars almost pale next to their splendour. MP 1805
MP 1805
This fate befell a whole epoch of composers, i.e. the ‘maestros of the Mozart period’. But, beside Mozart’s ‘sun’ there is so much to discover. Franz Anton Hofmeister and Antonio Rosetti takes up a musical fashion of the 18th century: the ‘hunting symphony’. With František Benda, Johann Baptist Vanhal and Leopold Kozeluch, we can hear a group of composers who ranked among the most influential maestros of their time. Joseph Martin Kraus, also named as "The Swedish Mozart", Pedro Étienne Solère and of course Antonio Salieri complete this 2CD-Program which show us that this Masters has nothing to hide in the shadow of Mozart.

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